Ukulele Festival

“Everything’s gonna be okay. The ukulele player is here.”

LA Ukulele Festival

The beginning of this month I started taking ukulele lessons. It turns out my ukulele instructor, Mitch Chang is an accomplished ukulele player. Mitch graduated from the University of Hawaii music program and has been teaching ukulele since 1994. He studied with the legendary jazz ukulele musician Bill Tapia. Mitch is also a long-time promoter for the ukulele and helped put together The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival.

The festival is a full day of continuous performances by today’s hottest ukulele fingerpickers, virtuosos and singer/songwriters. There are also unlimited workshops for all levels, children & adults alike, beginner to advanced: introduction to ukulele, chord melodies, strumming techniques, & more. I also heard through the grape-vine that a celebrity from the popular television series Seinfeld will be at the festival.

I’m looking forward to spending all day with fellow ukuelites Saturday, September 26th. So, whether you are a complete beginner, a casual observer or a seasoned player, if you love the ukulele and would like to spend a fun day in the sun in beautiful Torrance, come on out to the ukulele festival.

Shine On

2 thoughts on “Ukulele Festival

  1. This post inspired me to grab my ukulele again. I left my guitar in Spain (as it didn´t fit in the car anymore) but took my ukulele with me which I´m unfortunately not really able to play. Now I will learn it!!! Thanks for motivating me, Julie!!! 💕🎸


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