“Photography is more than a medium
for factual communication of ideas.
It is a creative art.”
Ansel Adams

JR and Carrot Cake

Me and “Carrot Cake” at the LA Equestrian Center

Photography and film making has been a love of mine since I was a a little girl. When I was a child, my father would take photos and make home movies throughout the year. I cherish all these images, but the movies and photos I cherish most are the ones on horseback.

My father was meticulous with his film editing. Fascinated by the editing aspect of film making, I would sit for hours, mesmerized as I watched my father hand edit his movies.

My  previous husband is a professional photographer. He taught me a great deal about composition and lighting. He is a genius in the dark room and often when I shot in black and white he would work magic on my less than perfect pictures.

For my birthday in 2003, I received from my loving husband, my first digital camera along with a digital video camera. This is when I really began to shoot up a storm.

After shooting and editing 100s of videos, my husband knew how much I loved photography, so he then bought me in 2018 my dream digital camera. He bought me a Nikon Coolpix P900 HD digital camera with video capabilities. The images from this camera blow me away.

Through the years, transferring the images to my laptop has become much easier with the new camera. In the past it would take hours to upload video, and they weren’t even HD images.

Editing software has improved tremendously as well. When I first began editing in the 1990s, I was using Adobe Premiere. I taught myself editing using software for the PC as well as the Mac. Now, I usually just edit using iMovie, since it’s so intuitive to use. For more detailed videos I like to use Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

I never go anywhere without my camera, because you never know when you will get that magical moment on film.

Shine On

4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. What a wonderful photo! I used to shoot weddings on video, and it would take a long time for the video to render. Now, it’s a matter of popping an SD chip into a reader and firing up Sony Vegas. I’m off to visit your photo link.


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