“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog
is what you want to accomplish with it,
and what it can do if successful.”
Ron Dawson


When I began this blog on January 1, 2015, it was my goal to write a post daily highlighting my musings, my photos, and my daily activities.

Also, I wanted to be a ray of light to someone. I wanted to bring a little sunshine and happiness each day to someones life. With my creative juices flowing each and every day, I feel grateful to all my blog followers for reading, commenting and liking my daily reflections.

I didn’t anticipate the following as well as the numerous awards I would receive. That’s not why I began my blog, for followers and awards. However, the friends I’ve made through WordPress and the people I’ve connected with are amazing as well as their blog posts.

My blogging plan in the beginning of 2015 was to stop posting the end of December. However, I’ve discovered so much about myself and fellow bloggers that I will continue The 2015 Chronicles. But, I will be changing the name on January 1st to Chronicles of a Blogaholic. Why? Because I’ve also discovered that “My name is JR and I’m a Blogaholic.”

Shine On

12 thoughts on “Blogaholic

  1. My Tai Chi instructor talks of the rule of Non-intention. Firstly it’s not apathy. Those whose motives are pure, devoted to self-development, assisting others to develop will attract what they need for their own development without making a special effort.
    Your post resonates so well with that thought.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing, how we are growing into this blogging? How we get inspired from others, and also the wonderful friends we make? I am so glad I found you and you definitely bring light into the world with what you share. I don’t want to miss you here and I am glad you changed your mind about stopping blogging. What a cool new name for your blog!

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