There’s a “B” in My Soup

“When I was having that alphabet soup,
I never thought that it would pay off.”
Vanna White

There's A B In My Soup

We all have a comfort food that makes us feel good. Some like sweets and some like meatloaf. But, there’s one comfort food that has been around for over 150 years.

Alphabet soup is an iconic piece of kitsch, canned and introduced by Campbell’s and making it “M’m! M’m! Good!” since the 1950s. But the history of this alphabet pasta is much longer than you’d expect. In fact, alphabet soup was the hottest culinary innovation of the late 1800s.

In 1886, just after the Civil War, macaroni and alphabet pasta as well as pasta in the shape of hearts, stars, and crowns were being served regularly in the United States. But, why and how did alphabet soup get started? Well, if you want to believe an urban legend, supposedly a noodle factory had an accident and a piece came out looking like the letter C. A factory supervisor was inspired and decided alphabet shaped noodles would be a hit.

I’ve always found alphabet soup fun and amusing. Anytime you can literally play with your food, it’s bound to become popular among adults and children alike. What I found surprising is that its history goes so far back.

One thing I’m certain of is we’ll be spelling with our food for another 150 years, and I’ll still be finding there’s a “B” in my soup.

Shine On

The Spirit of Los Angeles

“Tip the world over on its side and everything
loose will land in Los Angeles.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

The Spirit of Los Angeles

Sculptor De L´Esprie created a magnificent bronze statue of a male and a female angel soaring skyward. The bronze Angel´s wingspan is 10 feet wide and stands 18 feet high on top of a 22 foot hand limestone column.

The statue not only serves as the centerpiece of The Grove, at the famous Fairfax Farmers Market it is also a signature piece for the City and an enduring symbol of the limitless opportunities Los Angeles offers.

In The City of Angels where many have realized their dreams, the statues name rings true. It is called, The Spirit of Los Angeles.

Shine On


The Beat Goes On

People have said to me,
You can’t write songs.
You can’t play an instrument.
But I’ve got 10 gold records.”
Sonny Bono

The Beat Goes On
I can hardly believe it was forty-nine years ago today that Sonny and Cher sang, The Beat Goes On for the very first time. On that January 14, 1967 day, the song was issued as a single and appeared on their In Case You’re in Love album

I first feel in love with this cool couple when I heard their first hit, I Got You Babe back in 1965. I remember I saw them on Dick Clark’s American Band Stand. Mesmerized by Cher’s charismatic personality and her beautiful long black hair, Sonny and Cher complemented each other in so many ways, not just musically.

The duet continued to have hits and a huge fan base during their long running TV careers, even afterward their marriage faltered. The two of them remained champions in my book. Cher moving on to films and Sonny moving on to a political career.

They had a few hits together and Cher had lots of hits without Sonny. But, the one song synonymous when it comes to Sonny and Cher will always be, The Beat Goes On.

Shine On

“Hey Siri”

“To read a book, to think it over, and to write out notes
is a useful exercise; a book which will not repay some
hard thought is not worth publishing.”
Maria Mitchell

Write It Down

For years I had numerous diaries and pretty little notebooks that I would write in and keep all my notes of thoughts and ideas. However, it was difficult to keep the ideas and reminders in any order. Then I started using my iPhone and my laptop to keep track of all my notes. I found this a much more practical and easier way to find what I was looking for when I needed to reference my material.

Recently, I discovered Siri and how handy this little Apple App can be. In fact, Siri has become my new personal assistant. I still keep folders and notes on my laptop, but I’ve substituted writing notes to dictating them using Siri.

By using Siri I can make dinner reservations, place phone calls, make notes in my Reminder and Notes app, send messages and even use Siri to pull up a song on iTunes. I’m finding the more I use Siri, the more I realize how handy the app is in keeping me organized and informed.

Now, if I want to remember anything, instead of writing it down, I just say, “Hey, Siri.”

Shine On