“Hey Siri”

“To read a book, to think it over, and to write out notes
is a useful exercise; a book which will not repay some
hard thought is not worth publishing.”
Maria Mitchell

Write It Down

For years I had numerous diaries and pretty little notebooks that I would write in and keep all my notes of thoughts and ideas. However, it was difficult to keep the ideas and reminders in any order. Then I started using my iPhone and my laptop to keep track of all my notes. I found this a much more practical and easier way to find what I was looking for when I needed to reference my material.

Recently, I discovered Siri and how handy this little Apple App can be. In fact, Siri has become my new personal assistant. I still keep folders and notes on my laptop, but I’ve substituted writing notes to dictating them using Siri.

By using Siri I can make dinner reservations, place phone calls, make notes in my Reminder and Notes app, send messages and even use Siri to pull up a song on iTunes. I’m finding the more I use Siri, the more I realize how handy the app is in keeping me organized and informed.

Now, if I want to remember anything, instead of writing it down, I just say, “Hey, Siri.”

Shine On