Laugh Your Ass Off

“If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth,
inventor of television, we’d still be
eating frozen radio dinners.”
Johnny Carson

iTunes Radio

As you loyal blog followers know, I’m a longtime fan of Steve Martin. The last few years I’ve been listening to his banjo music, most of which he writes and performs.

I fell in love with Steve Martin in the 1970s when he was known for his comedy. I had all his comedy albums and listened to them often. Now, I have his comedy albums on iTunes and enjoy listening to him when I’m cruising in my car.

The other day while syncing my phone to the car, I accidentally discovered iTunes Radio. I know what you’re saying, where has she been?  But, with the new car and the technology that we now have access to, I’m able to use my iPhone in the car.

Anyway, I typed in Steve Martin into the iTunes Radio search and up popped Steve Martin Radio. This radio station is the best. They play comedy routines from Billy Crystal to Chris Rock. They even play some of George Carlin’s and Woody Allen’s old routines.

For the last few days, I’ve been smiling and laughing so much my jaw hurts. If you’re feeling down from all the holiday hassles, tune in to Steve Martin Radio, sit back and be ready to laugh your ass off.

Shine On