Rollin With My Homie

“If there are no dogs in heaven, well then
I want to go where they went.”
Will Rogers

Pug Patty  Three Pugs Makes a Pool

Redondo beach has a population of approximately 66.7K people. That population consists of people from a wide diversity of social classes. From young to old, from the very rich to the very destitute. Within this diversity there’s one common bond that ties all of us Redondoites together. That common bond is our love of canines.

When you walk or ride along the Esplanade, you’ll encounter all kinds of dogs and dog owners. From the pampered pooch to the homely hound. All the dog owners appear to be happy and their happiness is reflected in their dogs.

This weekend I saw a man riding his bike pulling a toddler trailer. I’ve seen this guy cruising the Esplanade before, but I hadn’t paid much notice to what he was trailering. As I approached the man from behind, I noticed there were not toddlers in the trailer but three pug dogs. Just had to share this particular pooch sighting with my fellow bloggers. 

This man and his three pugs in tow give the true meaning of rollin with my homie.

Shine On

War Dogs

“The good lord in his ultimate wisdom gave us three things
to make life bearable, hope, jokes and dogs,
but the greatest of these was dogs.
Robin Davidson

War Dogs

War Dogs by Rebecca Frankel

I just finished reading War Dogs, by Rebecca Frankel. It was a great read about dogs of war from the civil war to the current war in the Middle East.

I’m married to a Vietnam Veteran that worked with dogs during his time in Vietnam. A few of the stories Frankel tells about I was familiar with. However, there are several tear-jerking tales that I was not aware of.

The book tells how each handler and his dog have an unbreakable bond. So much so that they will often give their life for each other, dog for man and man for dog.

This book should be required reading for all our politicians that push this country towards war.

In my opinion, these dogs of war and their handlers should be honored yearly as a National Holiday.

Shine On

Rescuing Others

“When we love an animal as our family,
we begin to understand animals are our family.”
Anthony Douglas Willliams

Rescuing Others

It’s been almost a week since the devastating earthquake hit Nepal. Over 6,000 were killed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and they estimate that number could double.

The most inspiring story I heard on the news today was a story about six recently trained search and rescue dogs from Southern California who are in Nepal on a mission. One of the dogs, Ripley helped in the rescue of a teenage boy trapped under debris in Kathmandu.

Most of the dogs trained for search and rescue are dogs from the pound. They’re super athletic, super agile, extremely high-drive dogs that just will not stop. They are taught to find humans by using inaccessible human scent. Their reward, isn’t a yummy treat, it’s their favorite toy.

Search and rescue dogs are the unsung heroes of the world. With love, care and training these discarded dogs go from being rescued to rescuing others.

Shine On

Doggy Do

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”
Charles de Gaulle

Doggie Do

I’ve been noticing lately on my daily walks that dog owners seem to spend more time on their dogs grooming than themselves.

I saw several well-groomed dogs today and thought their grooming must have cost more than what I spend yearly on haircuts.

Especially when I run across such elaborate primping of perfect peacock pooches like this doggy do.

Shine On