New York Pizza Made in California

“Like sex there is no such thing as bad pizza.
It just is an extraordinary taste treat.”
Andrew Zimmern

Homemade Pizza Pie

Our Homemade Pizza Pie

Who doesn’t love pizza. In fact, I don’t think I know one person that says they hate pizza. It’s been a staple in my family and my husband’s family all our life.

My husband is from New York, so he knows that the best pizza comes from New York. We have been searching for good pizza in Southern California for the past 23 years. It’s mission impossible when it comes to good pizza made in California. I’ve been telling my husband that the reason is the water. California water is so horrible compared with New York’s water. That’s the only ingredient that is missing from California pizza. But, he never believed me until we were at Cortina’s and an Italian women from New York City agreed with me about my water theory.

We decided to try our hand at home made pizza. I made the crust from scratch; I bought fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh homemade sauce. We cooked it at 500 degrees on our grill. I thought it tasted pretty good. My husband said it was good, but it still didn’t taste like New York pizza. He agreed with me that it must be the New York water that makes “real” New York pizza so delicious.

Our next attempt at pizza will be using New York water. We just haven’t figured out how our New York City friends can send us some New York tap water. When we do figure out how to get the water, we’ll have the best “real” New York pizza made in California.

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