Listen to the Warm

“For every star that falls to earth a new one glows.
For every dream that fades away a new one grows.
When things are not what they would seem
you must keep following your dream.”
Rod McKuen

Rod McKuen

Rod MKuen April 29, 1933 to January  29, 2015

We lost a great artist the other day. Rod McKuen was not as well-known to this generation as to the generation of the 1960s and 1970s. He was a poet, a singer, a lyricist, and a musician. His work mirrored the 1960s and he was once given the label as the unofficial poet laureate of America.

They say that snobs hated him and were constantly tearing down his talents. Which makes sense, since his writings were not for snobs but for everyday people.

His songs were recorded and performed by artists such as Barbara Streisand to Frank Sinatra.

My first introduction to Rod McKuen was through my older sister who gave me one of his book, as a graduation gift. The book was “Listen to the Warm”. His poetry spoke to me and influenced me a great deal. I will always cherish this book and still have this book today. In fact, leafing through this book is like looking at a scrapbook of my life:

“I’ve been going a long time now
along the way I’ve learned some things.

You have to make the good times yourself
take the little times and make them into big times
and save the times that are all right
for the ones that aren’t so good.”

By: Rod McKuen from Listen to the Warm

Shine On

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