Day Two – Catalina

“Catalina Island is the playground for all, rich or poor, youth or aged.
All classes mix with democratic spirit.”
William Wrigley, Jr.

Catalina Museum

Casino and Catalina Island Museum.


It feels so great to be here on Catalina. No television, no telephones, even my cell phone doesn’t work in the Condo. It’s nice not to hear cars, trucks and construction noise.

The chirping of birds and cooing of pigeons woke me around 6:30 am. I haven’t gotten out of bed that early in months, mostly because I also went to bed around 10:00 pm.

Today I visited the Catalina Island Museum. It’s not a large exhibit, but the scenery around the museum building is spectacular. Also, no crowds which I prefer. Here’s just a few highlights:

Walkway to MuseumCatalina Yacht Club

Avalon shoreline Avalon Boats

Shine On