Contrition – A Novel

“The entire story of my debut novel, Contrition,
came to me fully formed in ten minutes.
I didn’t conceive it so much as hear it
playing in my head, as if it were being
dictated and all I had to do was
commit the major plot points to paper.”
Maura Weiler

I follow the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer (RMFW) blog. Two weeks ago a guest writer, Maura Weiler posted an article, Your Non-Agent Might Know Best. Or Does She? If you commented on the article, you were eligible for a signed copy of Weiler’s debut novel, Contrition. Well guess who won? Yep, me.

Contrition tells the story of twin sisters separated at birth who reconnect through art, faith, and a father who touched the world through his paintings.

I received my signed copy of Contrition last Friday and because I couldn’t put the book down, I finished reading the book in just two days.

I enjoyed Weiler’s writing style along with the storyline. Her descriptions of the paintings in the novel inspire me to visit local museums and art galleries.

I’m sure Contrition will be a big success for Maura Weiler.

Shine On