And Loving It

“It was a special show that became a cult classic.”
Don Adams

And Loving It

Barbara Feldon tied up with Don Adams

Would you believe… Get Smart has turned 50?

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of this Emmy-winning show created by comedy legends Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart.

Get Smart was an instant hit, thanks to the writing and delivering of some of the most famous quotes in TV history.

Catch phrases like, “sorry about that, Chief”, “the old (such-and-such) trick”, “And … loving it”, “I asked you not to tell me that”, “missed it by that much,” and “would you believe” became pop culture staples in the 1960s and are still used commonly today.

The show was inspired by the success of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. series. Talent Associates commissioned Mel Brooks and Buck Henry to write a script about a bungling James Bond-like hero. Brooks described the premise for the show they created in an October 1965 Time magazine article:

“I was sick of looking at all those nice sensible situation comedies. They were such distortions of life. If a maid ever took over my house like Hazel, I’d set her hair on fire. I wanted to do a crazy, unreal comic-strip kind of thing about something besides a family. No one had ever done a show about an idiot before. I decided to be the first.”

In my opinion, one of the best comedies to come out of the 60s was Get Smart. I’m lucky to have access to MeTV Network that shows Get Smart episodes each week. And, I still find myself laughing out loud at the humor from Get Smart, and loving it.

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