American Horror Show

Pat on honesty in politics….
”I must choose my words carefully
in order to avoid any
negative interpretation.
Among politicians, this is
a tactic known as lying.”
Pat Paulsen

Watershed Moment



This country is at a critical point in our young history that marks a division or a change of course, a turning point, a real watershed moment. This moment in our American history will not only change who we are, but will forever change how other countries perceive Americans and our politics.

America is in a sad state of affairs. It’s evident by the recent GOP debate. I’m pleased to say I didn’t watch the debate, but did hear how it turned into a scary reality show not unlike The Housewives of New Jersey. What does America expect when one of their primary GOP candidates starred in his own reality show.

The good news about these scary candidates, is the political satire coming out of this ugly train wreck of an election. For decades comedy writers have had a field day with politics and our politicians.

Remember when the comedian Pat Paulsen ran against Richard Nixon? Paulsen’s 1968 campaign was crafted in order to critique both the presidential election process and the power-brokers that sustained it. He named his party the “Straight Talking American Government” (STAG) and ran under the word-playing slogan “We Can’t Stand Pat.” If you’re not familiar with the humor of the late great Pat Paulsen, visit his website that his son put together. Paulsen was undoubtedly ahead of his time.

In 1968, the country chose Nixon over Paulsen at the polls, but then the 1960s didn’t have a reality show star to give Nixon a run for his money.

I came across a YouTube video of Pat Paulsen from 1968. It blew me away to hear in this video the same issues this country faces today. Will we ever fix these problems or are we so insane that we just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

I often wonder what our lives would be like if Pat Paulsen had beat Nixon in 1968. It just might have been the watershed moment this country needed and we wouldn’t be witnessing an election that is an American Horror Show.

Shine On