Day Four – Catalina

“The worst part about a trip to Catalina, is leaving.”

Avalon from Wrigley Rd

April on Avalon from the top of Wrigley Road.

Mountains above Avalon

Mountains above Avalon

Avalon Homes

Avalon Homes on Hill Section

Hamilton Cove Beach

Private Beach at Hamilton Cove

Hamilton Cove Gazebo

Hamilton Cove Gazebo across from Avalon

Hamilton Cove Shore

Hamilton Cove Rocky Shoreline

Sail Boat at Hamilton Cove

Sail Boat at Hamilton Cove

Catalina Express parked at Hamilton Cove

Catalina Express parked at Avalon

Today, I went driving around the island on my little golf cart. Never knew driving a golf cart could be such fun. Catalina is an adult Disneyland. Full of friendly wonderful people, delicious food, fresh air and spectacular sites to behold.

It was a wonderful trip. Everyday the weather was perfect, the sky and water clear and blue. I didn’t want to bore you with tons of photos, so I’m just posting a few. These photos don’t do Catalina justice. I took lots of HD Video, but unfortunately this blog can’t accommodate video.

I have been rejuvenated by Catalina’s beauty and will return to the mainland a more refreshed and grateful person.

Farewell sweet Avalon. I shall return.

Shine On

Catalina Here I Come

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”
Robert Orben

Catalina Here I come

My ride to Catalina will be on the sexy Catalina Express.

Well it is final, tomorrow I leave for Santa Catalina. Not only am I excited about taking a vacation, which I haven’t had in over 15 years, but I’m finally visiting Catalina. A land that I’ve dreamed of once in lullaby. 

Since I was a a child I have wanted to go to Catalina and Avalon. Through the years I have had numerous opportunities to visit Catalina, but never went because the only two options to reach Catalina are by helicopter or by boat: I’m scared to death of helicopters and I get seasickness on boats. But, last year I discovered I no longer get sick when I ride in a boat. You might say, I found my sea legs.

So, I’ve packed all my good reads, my laptop, camera, iPad, my banjo and my hiking boots. Six days of reading, writing, photography, playing my banjo, and exploring beautiful Catalina.

Catalina here I come!

Shine On