Easy on the Eyes

“No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.”
Elizabeth Bowen
Easy on the Eyes

If you own a cell phone or a tablet such as an iPad, you now have the capability to download a simple application that will allow you to check your eye sight.

A London University has developed The Portable Eye Examination Kit, or Peek. What’s so amazing about Peek is that it is just as accurate as the traditional sight charts.

How cool is this. The next phase in this technology breakthrough is if you own a 3D printer, you will be able to design and print out your own eye wear.

This sounds like fun to me. I would love to be able to examine my eyes, design a pair of stylish eye glasses and never leave my home. This new technology is definitely easy on the eyes.

Shine On


“Occasionally when I’m procrastinating writing,
I’ll while away the hours on iTunes. You can just keep going
forever and find these bands you’d never normally hear of.”
Marisha Pessl

Listening to music has become so much easier since the introduction of iTunes.

My son introduced me to iTunes over a decade ago. This is when I got my first iPod. Believe me, I waited and put up quite a fight to give up my CDs, but iTunes is a work of pure genius that we all take for granted.

Back in the 1970s when 8-track tapes were all the rage, I hated 8-tracks! You’d be listening to a great piece of music and the damn track would just end in the middle of a song. This made listening to music entirely unenjoyable.

So, I bought a small cassette recorder/player and bought all my music in cassette format. I can remember listening to music in my car using the portable cassette player. Then the technology went to CD players. I held out for quite a few years before I bought my first CD player.

When I began using iTunes, I decided to sell my 100s of CDs. I created a Craigslist account, posted the CD’s for sale, and as soon as I hit that post button, I instantly received several calls from people wanting to buy the entire collection. I sold the CD collection within one hour of posting them for sale. I haven’t looked back since.

With iTunes I can organize my music with Playlists. I have music to write by, music to create with, music for banjo playing. Then I have my Pop Music to walk and workout to, as well as my classical music to do my Ballet Beautiful workout and to chill out to, all in different Playlists with easy access. But what I really think is cool, is that my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro all have the exact music I want on each device.

Thanks Steve Jobs. You really were a genius when it came to technology. Thanks Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid, and Dave Heller for developing iTunes. A thousand years from now, you guys will be the Benjamin Franklin’s of the next new millennium because of your development of iTunes.

Shine On

Good Writings to Read

“I find television very educating.
Every time somebody turns on the set,
I go into the other room and read a book.”
                                                                                            Groucho Marx

Groucho Marxism

This year I decided that I spend too much time in front of the television. Not that I don’t enjoy watching all the shows with my husband, but if I have to watch another “Mecum Auto Auction, Fast N’ Loud, Bitchin’ Rides or Street Outlaws” just to name a few, I think I’ll scream.

Last year I promised myself that I would read a book a week. I came very close to that goal and missed it by only three books. Actually, I would have exceeded my goal if I had not watched so much television.

Most of the books I read last year were from my friendly public library. This library where I get my books is a beautiful old building from the 1920s situated on exquisite grounds with peacocks wandering throughout the property. I love visiting this library because of its picturesque setting and the fact that it is never busy. I’m always able to get whatever books I want to read without having to wait weeks or days.

My favorite way to read is using the iPad. Most of the books are downloaded to my iPad from the library using OverDrive. I really enjoy reading books on my iPad because of its ease of reading. There’s only one small problem, my husband and I share the iPad, so he has it 90% of the time; usually while he is watching his car shows on the television.

I’m seriously thinking of getting a Kindle. The Kindle might work better for me, because I want to up my goal to over a hundred books to read this year. Between the lack of access to the iPad and spending time driving to the library, it might be worth the few bucks to buy a Kindle. Also, most of the books I want to read this year are the classics, which are all available for free through OverDrive.

Whichever means of reading books I choose this year, I will have my plate full of good writings to read.

Shine On