Something for Nothing

“Nothing will work unless you do.”
Maya Angelou

Nothing Will Work Unless You Do

Circa 1936. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

We all want to succeed in all of our endeavors. When we see a successful person, it may appear their success came easily. But we will never know all the tribulation that successful person endured.
The simple truth is if you want to succeed you have to do the work. The sad part is that even with all the hard work, there’s still no guarantee of success.
We do know that no work is basically a guarantee of no success. With a little luck on your side and hard work you might find success quickly.
That’s why it’s so very important to keep working toward your goals, even if they seem impossible, because when you stop working, success is not possible.
In this get rich quick, immediate gratification world we live in, you’ve got to work for the things that you want. Nothing worth having is easily attained. We all know you don’t get something for nothing.
Shine On

Day to Day

“If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
                                                            Maya Angelou

2015Happy New Year.

Day one of  The 2015 Chronicles. Beginning an article or a story has always been difficult for me. Mostly because where and how you begin something is, I believe, critical to its success. However, New Years Day has always been a springboard for most of my life changing new beginnings.

When it comes to New Years, resolutions are how most people begin their New Year. From simple resolutions to more challenging ones, resolutions are usually made to make a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice, such as helping an elderly person across the street.

Your New Years resolution
Resolve to renew
All your old resolves.
And add a few
That are new.
Resolve to keep them
As long as you can.
What more can a
Poor man do.

Every year I start with my ritual “Goals for the Year” list. It looks similar to my grocery list, but with fewer items checked off.  After reviewing the 2014 list, I made a mental note that not one of my goals for 2014 was accomplished. So my 2015 Goal list was simply a cut and past job.

What can be learned from this? Maybe my goals are too overwhelming. Maybe my goals need to be shrunk, just like my ever increasing waistline. Maybe I need just one simple resolution. But how is that possible? What am I missing from my goals each year?

After looking closely and analyzing my list, I discovered that there is one resolution that has never graced my list. A resolution to have a positive attitude toward my fellow man and my own goals. I believe this one simple resolution will give me a powerful sense of regeneration and allow me more success with all my 2015 goals.

Could it be that simple? That by adjusting my attitude it could be the secret to the success or failure of my yearly resolutions? It’s worth a try. And maybe this one simple resolution will help me to live up to my highest hopes day to day.

Shine On