The Eaglet Has Landed

“It’s a great event to get outside and enjoy nature.
I find it very exciting no matter how many times
I see bald eagles.”
Karen Armstrong

Eagleholic UpdateAs some of my followers know from a previous post, I have been following the progress of a family of Bald Eagles in Pittsburgh.

In my researching of Eagle Cams online, I came across a blog that is actually called: The Eagleholic

This blog is great! It gives you all the current information from all over North America about Bald Eagles and their eaglets.

Unfortunately, last week one of the eggs in the Pittsburgh nest broke, leaving only one egg to hatch for the season. Then yesterday another egg broke in the nest in Santa Cruz, California.

The good news is the first hatch took place yesterday in the Turtle Bay, California nest.

The eaglet has landed !

Shine On

3 thoughts on “The Eaglet Has Landed

  1. Bald Eagles have made a tremendous comeback from their near extinction in the last forty years. If you do happen to see the eaglets when they are around two months old, you will be blown away by their size. My favorite website to check out daily.


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