Pictures Are A Snap

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication,
pictures still speak the most universally
understood language.”
Walt Disney

Pictures Are a Snap

Taking a terrible photo is almost a thing of the past. Everyone either has a camera on their phone, or owns a digital camera.

Thirty years ago the best thing to a digital camera was a Polaroid. Polaroids gave you immediate gratification, and no processing expense. If you ask anyone under the age of twenty what a Polaroid camera is, they probably wouldn’t know what you were talking about.

The cameras of today have come a long way from the large cumbersome cameras of the early 1900’s. Even when you watch old movies from the 1930’s, the camera’s were quite large with their flash bulbs lighting up their subjects.

In the 1970s my camera of choice was a used 35mm Nikon EL camera. It was extremely difficult for me to learn about exposures and f-stops. All I wanted was to take nice pictures and not be bothered with all the details.

Then in 2003 my husband bought me my first digital camera. It was the first generation of the Nikon Coolpix. The lens on this camera is incredibly sharp. So sharp, when I blew up a seven-foot poster from a photo I took of my son, there was zero pixilation in the print.

Currently, I shoot with a Sony HD video camera that also has still image capability. The photos are even sharper than my Coolpix, so I rarely use my Nikon.

My favorite feature I like about digital video and camera images is the zero cost in processing fees. But what I really love is when I take a bad photo, I can just delete it. Yes, thanks to modern technology, taking great pictures are a snap.

Shine On

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