A Ray of Light

“Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty,
kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like.
More than anything else, it is about
how we treat other people.”
Dennis Prager

A Ray of Light

A small ray of light left before sunset on the Esplanade.

When I began this blog on January 1st of this year, my first post was about my resolution for the coming year.

Now, five months into 2015 I decided to revisit that post. How was I doing with my resolution, to have a positive attitude toward my fellow-man?

The last five months I have made a conscious effort to be more positive. Even my husband has noticed a big difference in my stress level and his, with my positive attitude. For example, on Thursday I had to make a phone call that I had been dreading to make because I didn’t want to deal with how difficult a particular company is to deal with. Before I made the phone call I told myself that I would be happy, patient and courteous to the customer service person helping me, no matter how rude they have been in the past.

My change in attitude worked. The customer service person was helpful, easy to talk with and had great compassion for me and what I needed help with. She even called me back ten minutes later as she had promised.

A little sunshine goes a long way. After all, sunshine has long symbolized light and happiness and was worshiped for thousands of years for its life-giving properties. It feels good to be a ray of light.  

Shine On

6 thoughts on “A Ray of Light

  1. Nice post! Thank you for being friendly to the person working in customer service. I worked in telephone customer service myself, I appreciate that! 😊 You´re so right, a good attitude can be life changing. Smile at others – they´ll smile back. 🌞 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Quixie, so sweet of you to think of me with regards to this song. I’ve never heard this song. I’ll have to download it from iTunes. Also, I’ll have to see about learning this song on my banjo.
    Shine On


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