“It’s a drone nation. Where everything and
everyone is remotely controlled.”
Bryant H. McGill

Habit Forming

Hubbies current quad collection and growing.

A few years ago my husband became interested in quadcopters aka mini drones. The first quad he bought, was a medium size quadcopter made by Lady Bug. The skill level to operate this little lady was so difficult, you needed to have a pilot license.

He was getting quite skilled flying his Lady Bug, when the remote controller device went south. Efforts by everyone could not fix the device, so his $200+ toy went into the trash.

My son advised his stepdad to buy a cheaper, smaller and easier to operate quadcopter that he bought online for under $20. My husband quickly purchased one of these miniature quads and has been collecting them ever since.

He now has several (see photo above) and continues to purchase them for friends and family as gifts. The fun part about this little hobby of his is that the quads are so small and maneuverable that he can fly them throughout the house.

The manufacturers should post a warning label on the box. Buying and flying these copters may be habit-forming.

Shine On

3 thoughts on “Habit-Forming

  1. My hubby loves these things too! I bought him one for his birthday and his employer lets them fly the company drone during work hours! It’s so cute to see grown men delighted over these things. Well, not so cute to see $200 go into the trash, though, like you say.

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