Happy Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge

“The Golden Gate Bridge is an icon.
The West Coast Statue of Liberty,
welcoming all to our shores.”
Author Unknown

Happy Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge

Opening day celebration for the Golden Gate Bridge, 1937.

Yesterday the Golden Gate bridge celebrated its 78th anniversary.

The bridge might never been built without the determination of the bridge’s chief engineer, Joseph Strauss. He spent over ten years petitioning supporters until finally state legislature was passed.

Non supporters argued that the bridge should not be built due to hazardous tides, constant fog and high winds. The Department of War tried to stop construction stating it would interfere with ship traffic. Even the Southern Pacific Railroad, who operated ferries from Marin to San Francisco, filed a lawsuit to stop construction.

Thanks to Strauss’ tireless efforts, construction began in 1933 and was finished early and under budget. Fortunately for Strauss he lived to see the completion of his beloved bridge, and wrote some poetry dedicated to the bridge and surrounding area. Sadly, Strauss died just short of one year after the completion of the bridge. A memorial statue of Strauss was constructed and can be seen on the San Francisco side of the bridge.

Happy Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge.

Shine On

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