Heady Magic Game

“There are  no marketed lists of cards
when the cards are first sold:
discovering the cards and what they do
is an integral part of the game.”
Richard Garfield

Heady Magic Game

My horse illustrated Magic cards.

When my son was just a kid, we would visit comic book stores and look for Superman collectables. While he would look through all of the Superman
paraphernalia, I would check-out any new items the store might have.

One day in 1993 on one of our trips to a comic book store, I bought a set of game cards that I found very beautiful because of the unique artwork. I gave these cards to my son for him to keep and possibly learn how to play the game.

A few years later my son became interested in these cards and learned how to play the card game. The card game was, Magic: The Gathering aka Magic. He has been hooked on Magic for several years. He collects and buys cards and occasionally plays in weekly tournaments.

Sometimes when my son and I get together, he challenges me to a game of Magic. If you’re not familiar with this game, let me tell you, this card game is one of the most difficult games you will ever play. I have yet to beat him at a single game.

The popularity of Magic has risen steadily since world-wide tournaments began in 1996. Tournament winnings are upwards of $40K for one tournament and as of 2015, Magic has over twenty million players.

This weekend when my son visited us, he mentioned that he was headed to San Diego next weekend for a Magic tournament. I know how passionate my son is about this card game, but he’s never been to a tournament like the one coming up in San Diego. The grand prize isn’t the largest, but I’m sure my son will do well and meet lots of like-minded players in this very challenging, addictive and heady Magic game.

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