Whole Foods Apologies

“If we want corporations to act differently,
we have to force them to do so through laws
that are fully enforced and through penalties
higher than the economic benefits of
thwarting the laws.”
Robert Reich

The Cost of Food

All of us have experienced sticker shock at the food check-out lines. Some of you may or may not shop at Whole Foods. Recently when I went to Whole Foods I was so disgusted at their prices I walked out. Some of their food items were more than double in price. For example Whole Foods Anaheim peppers were $2.99 a pound while Trader Joe’s are $.99 a pound.

There has been a great deal of talk lately from comedians about Whole Foods prices and business practices. So I got a great deal of enjoyment when I saw Stephen Colbert give the following funny commentary about Whole Foods apologies.

Shine On

4 thoughts on “Whole Foods Apologies

  1. That was brilliant! I go to Whole Foods for special occassions, but it’s so expensive! I agree, Trader Joe’s is the better option for most things. Maybe Whole Foods revisits their outrageous pricing soon!

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