Baby Whales

“To have a huge, friendly whale willingly
approach you and look you straight in the eye
is without doubt one of the most
extraordinary experiences on the planet.”
Mark Carwardine


Photo by: Brad Graverson/The Daily Breeze

Late this afternoon, we had a Pacific gray whale and her calf visit just a short 30+ feet from the beaches shore. The pair put on a show popping its huge head out of the waves and rolling around in the surf.

The juvenile whale spouted water and scratched itself in the sand just feet from the Redondo Beach shore. Dozens of onlookers watched in wonder and many snapped photos.

The local news reported that the yearling was probably making its first annual migration. Gray whales commonly migrate this time of year from feeding grounds in Alaska to Baja California lagoons, where adults mate and give birth in the warm waters.

An annual census has documented more than 1,420 grays passing by since December. This is the second time this month we’ve seen the baby whales.

Shine On

Binging on Daredevil

“The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is
that you lose three days of your life.”
Harland Williams

Binging on Daredevil

For the last year I’ve been good about watching less television and spending my spare time reading or being productive. However, that all changed when I discovered the Netflix series, Daredevil.

If you haven’t heard or seen this series yet, you are one of the more fortunate. Why? Because ever since I watched the first episode of Daredevil I haven’t been able to turn my television off. I promised myself that I wouldn’t binge-watch anything, but this series got hold of me and now I’m stuck awake until the wee hours of the morning watching Matt Murdock, attorney by day and vigilante by night encounter one bad dude after another.

Do yourself a big favor and don’t watch this show. Because if you do watch just one episode of this tantalizing TV show, I guarantee you that you too will be binging on Daredevil.

Shine On

Pink Jasmine Grows Wings

“From plants that wake
when others sleep,
from timid jasmine
buds that keep their odour
to themselves all day,
but when the sunlight dies away
let the delicious secret out
to every breeze that roams about.”
Thomas Moore

The Disappearing Jasmine.jpg

My patio garden has been coming along quite well. I’ve been using my herbs for some of my favorite dishes. However, I wanted to add a pink jasmine plant to my garden for a little fragrance throughout the day and into the evening.

Sunday I visited one of my favorite garden stores and bought a beautiful sweet-smelling pink jasmine plant. When I got home, I placed the plant on the top shelf of my wrought-iron plant rack. Throughout Sunday and Monday I enjoyed my new plant. The aroma was intoxicating and I felt like my patio garden was now complete.

Monday evening we had some strong winds kick-up. I didn’t realize how strong the winds had become until Tuesday morning when I looked out the window and noticed my jasmine plant was gone. The winds were so powerful that not one trace of the plant was to be found.

I plan to replace the plant with another pink jasmine, but this new plant will be anchored down tight. I don’t plan on having the new pink jasmine grow wings.

Shine On