Pink Jasmine Grows Wings

“From plants that wake
when others sleep,
from timid jasmine
buds that keep their odour
to themselves all day,
but when the sunlight dies away
let the delicious secret out
to every breeze that roams about.”
Thomas Moore

The Disappearing Jasmine.jpg

My patio garden has been coming along quite well. I’ve been using my herbs for some of my favorite dishes. However, I wanted to add a pink jasmine plant to my garden for a little fragrance throughout the day and into the evening.

Sunday I visited one of my favorite garden stores and bought a beautiful sweet-smelling pink jasmine plant. When I got home, I placed the plant on the top shelf of my wrought-iron plant rack. Throughout Sunday and Monday I enjoyed my new plant. The aroma was intoxicating and I felt like my patio garden was now complete.

Monday evening we had some strong winds kick-up. I didn’t realize how strong the winds had become until Tuesday morning when I looked out the window and noticed my jasmine plant was gone. The winds were so powerful that not one trace of the plant was to be found.

I plan to replace the plant with another pink jasmine, but this new plant will be anchored down tight. I don’t plan on having the new pink jasmine grow wings.

Shine On


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