Hopes, Dreams & Good Wishes

“Sunrise sunset, sunrise sunset
Swiftly flow the years
One season following the other
Laden with happiness and tears…”
Sheldon Harnick

Redondo Sunsets.png

Sunsets have always represented beauty, mystery, romantics of life as well as a completion of a journey. A journey of life itself. Whereas a sunrise marks the beginning of a brand-new day. A day which we can start something great and new.

I’ve always been a night person. Loved the energy and magic I felt at night. Often watching sunsets with the ones, I love. I especially have enjoyed photographing sunsets.

Redondo Beach has dramatic sunsets. As the sun begins to set in Redondo, it’s a magical time of day because people line up on the Esplanade to capture and experience these breathtaking beach sunsets.

For more than a decade, I’ve photographed daily sunsets each year. Every one of these sunsets are unique. When I look back at these sunset photos, some will remind me of the events that unfolded that particular day. Most are good memories. Some, not so good.

Now in the twilight of life, I’ve shifted from an evening person to a morning person and discovered the appeal of sunrises.

When I rise in the early morning hours, I’ll watch the sun slowly appear. The sky turns from a spectacular bright red to a cooler orange hue as the sun begins to peek through the California palm trees.

After watching the first 2020 sunrises this past week, I suddenly realized, I don’t have a single photo I’ve taken in my life of a sunrise. How can that be? Well, I plan to rectify that. This year I plan to add more shots of sunrises to my photo album.

I’ve concluded, I need to appreciate these sunrises. Getting older, we begin to see how precious are sunrises. Because, sunrises give us what we all could use more of in our lives these days.  Hopes, dreams and good wishes.

Shine On


11 thoughts on “Hopes, Dreams & Good Wishes

  1. This is so good to read… I have been taking Sunday pictures and I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s too samey but you’re right each is so different.
    I’ve got some of them on my other blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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