Cranberry Crepes

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you?
The loveliest thing you can cook for
someone who’s close to you is about
as nice a valentine as you can give.”
Julia Child

Cranberry Crepes

One of my favorite food items is a crepe. They’re light and delicate and you can have them as an appetizer, entrée or a dessert.

When I was in Davis a few weeks ago, once again I ate  at Crepeville in old town Davis. They serve every crepe you could image. I’ve tried quite a few of Crepevilles’ crepes and every one has been delicious.

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for the right crepe pan. I happen to find the right one at a lovely culinary store in Davis. Never having made crepes, I was a little nervous with my first try. But, thanks to this perfect pan, the crepes came out flawless.

Keeping with the Thanksgiving leftover tradition, we have turkey for a few days after Thanksgiving. By Saturday we are pretty sick of turkey, so I decided to give this years leftovers a French touch. I took some of the leftover fresh oranges, apples, fresh cranberry jelly and whip cream and made Cranberry Crepes.

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