Cranberry Crepes

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you?
The loveliest thing you can cook for
someone who’s close to you is about
as nice a valentine as you can give.”
Julia Child

Cranberry Crepes

One of my favorite food items is a crepe. They’re light and delicate and you can have them as an appetizer, entrée or a dessert.

When I was in Davis a few weeks ago, once again I ate  at Crepeville in old town Davis. They serve every crepe you could image. I’ve tried quite a few of Crepevilles’ crepes and every one has been delicious.

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for the right crepe pan. I happen to find the right one at a lovely culinary store in Davis. Never having made crepes, I was a little nervous with my first try. But, thanks to this perfect pan, the crepes came out flawless.

Keeping with the Thanksgiving leftover tradition, we have turkey for a few days after Thanksgiving. By Saturday we are pretty sick of turkey, so I decided to give this years leftovers a French touch. I took some of the leftover fresh oranges, apples, fresh cranberry jelly and whip cream and made Cranberry Crepes.

Shine On

Yummy Banana Bread

“I was 32 when I started cooking;
up until then, I just ate.”
Julia Child
Banana Bread

I enjoy cooking, but I love baking. There’s a blog that I follow, Stovetop Story that has some awesome recipes. I know because I have cooked and baked some of the recipes posted on this wonderful blog.

Today I made Stovetop’s banana bread. The only problem with making this delicious bread is it did not last 24 hours in our home.

If you like to bake and you enjoy fast and easy recipes, check-out this recipe at the Stovetop Story for some yummy banana bread.

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