A Day With Sea Lions

People protect what they love.”
Jacques Yves Cousteau

Happy Pups

What a spectacular day! Lots of fun activity for young and old.

They had music, an assortment of food trucks and demonstrations on what the Marine Mammal Care Center is all about.

The volunteers were helpful and knowledgeable. It was cool to watch the sea lion pups play with one another. There was also a live sea creature exhibit on wheels by Aquarium of the Pacific from Long Beach.

My son and I were both glad we attended the event. Here’s a few images of a day with sea lions:

triplets starfish

single pup buds

Shine On

Seal Day 2015

“Each and every animal on earth
has as much right
to be here as you and me.”
Anthony D. Williams

Seal Day

Plan to attend this fundraiser tomorrow with all my donations from their “Wish List”. Hopefully, we won’t be rained out and I’ll have some great photos to share on my post tomorrow.

Shine On