Get The Point ?

“Everyone should be respected as
an individual, but no one idolized.”
Albert Einstein

Get The Point?

Whether you’ve stopped drinking or using drugs or in my case stopped eating sweets, there is always an event or holiday that challenges your willpower.

Special occasions such as birthdays are especially difficult because there is always a cake involved in the celebration. Everyone loves cake. Even if you don’t drink or use drugs, cake is harmless for most healthy people, unless you can’t have sweets.

I always get the same comments from friends and relatives. “It’s only one piece of cake, it won’t kill you.” I wish people would be more understanding and supportive. If I had a drinking or drug problem I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t offer just one drink or one puff of a cigarette.

So what do I do when I’m confronted with this situation? First off, I say thank you but no thank you. If they then offer to pack up a piece of cake for me to take home, I again tell them no thank you and tell them I can’t have sweets. This usually works with most people and then they get the point.

Shine On


“When I was nine,
I was diagnosed with
an irregular heartbeat.
I was prescribed beta blockers,
which had the side effect of
turning my skin green.
Looking like Shrek’s little sister
at school wasn’t the easiest thing.”
Jessie J


I cannot have coffee
I cannot have tea
I cannot have soda
Not even sweet chocolate
These treats are deadly to me

I cannot have Rockstar
I cannot have Red Bull
I cannot have Bomba
Not Blast or Full Throtle
Not even an ounce

Why do you ask
Not an ounce of these drinks
Why not even a drop
Because I’d get dizzy and nausea’s
Then would most likely pass out

Oh how awful you say
To be me
And not be allowed to drink
Even green tea
Oh how awful how awful it must be
To be me

It’s not really as bad as you think
I don’t miss the coffee, tea and soda
Or all the power energy drinks
But chocolate I do miss the most
Because chocolate is pure ecstasy

You see, all these drinks and these treats
Were removed from my diet
Not because of taste or bad habits
But because my heart just can’t take it
You see I have a case of tachycardia

Tachycardia is caused
When something disrupts
Normal electrical impulses
Impulses that control the rate
of your heart’s pumping action

So I live without some of
Life’s little pleasures
Many things that can cause
My heart rate to sky-rocket
My heart rate to pitter and patter

By:  J R

Shine On