Get The Point ?

“Everyone should be respected as
an individual, but no one idolized.”
Albert Einstein

Get The Point?

Whether you’ve stopped drinking or using drugs or in my case stopped eating sweets, there is always an event or holiday that challenges your willpower.

Special occasions such as birthdays are especially difficult because there is always a cake involved in the celebration. Everyone loves cake. Even if you don’t drink or use drugs, cake is harmless for most healthy people, unless you can’t have sweets.

I always get the same comments from friends and relatives. “It’s only one piece of cake, it won’t kill you.” I wish people would be more understanding and supportive. If I had a drinking or drug problem I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t offer just one drink or one puff of a cigarette.

So what do I do when I’m confronted with this situation? First off, I say thank you but no thank you. If they then offer to pack up a piece of cake for me to take home, I again tell them no thank you and tell them I can’t have sweets. This usually works with most people and then they get the point.

Shine On

Fresh is Best

After eating that delicious pastrami sandwich the other day, I decided I needed a reboot. Not for my computer, but for my body. When I reboot I cleanse my body by juicing most of my meals each day. It’s not only refreshing but I always feel much healthier.

A few years ago I saw the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. After watching this inspiring movie, I decided to try juicing. As in the movie, I lost weight and felt great. A few of my health problems even disappeared, quite to my doctors amazement.

Today I juiced a portion of a big watermelon that I picked up at the market. I broke up the melon into big chunks, added about a half a cup of water and juiced until it was mixed. Then I poured it over ice and drank the most refreshing sweet drink I’ve had all week.

If you also are trying to eat healthier, just remember when shopping for groceries that fresh is best.

Shine On