Yip Harburg

“Words make you think a thought.
Music makes you feel a feeling.
A song makes you feel a thought.”
E. Y. Harburg

Yip Harburg

E.Y. Harburg, April 8, 1896 to March 5, 1981

Do you recognize this man? Most of us under the age of 60 don’t recognize or even know his name and what he meant to music and literature.

His name is Edgar Yip Harburg and today Mr. Harburg would have been 119 years young.

His career spanned over fifty years from the 1920s to 1981. He was known as a master lyricist, poet and book writer but also was dedicated to social justice.

Writing the words to over 600 songs including the well – known Brother, Can You Spare a Dime; he wrote one of my favorite songs, Over the Rainbow, and all the lyrics in the 1939 motion picture classic The Wizard of Oz. His Over the Rainbow song was voted Number 1 song of the 20th century by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Recording Institute of America.

Do you have a famous or non-famous person you wish you could meet and sit and talk with? I have numerous people I wish I could have met. And one of them is Mr. Yip Harburg.

Shine On

2 thoughts on “Yip Harburg

  1. Love this post! And the wise words by this man up there. I think it would have been nice to talk to him! I didn´t know him, so thanks for this enlightenment! 😊 The person I would like to meet is Leonard Cohen, I think. He´s also a songwriter and poet and my over all favorite!

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