Gold Standard of Sandwiches

“Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in America.”
Nora Ephron

Gold Standard of Sandwiches

Langer’s Hot Pastrami Sandwich

My husband took me to an institution today. No, he didn’t take me to a mental institution. Although he has threatened to drop me off at Camarillo State Mental Hospital a few times.

The institution I’m referring to is Langer’s Delicatessen in downtown Los Angeles. Langer’s Delicatessen has been serving deli food for more than 66 years.

We recently saw an episode of Cooking Channel about great delicatessen’s in America and Langer’s was listed as a must visit. Famous for their hot pastrami on crispy-crust hot rye bread. That’s exactly what I ordered, and it was off the hook!

My husband ordered the hot corned beef on the crispy-crust hot rye bread. He said it was the best deli food he’s ever eaten. He’s eaten at quite a few delis, even the famous Katz’s delicatessen in New York City. The deli where Harry and Sally have their famous orgasm scene. In fact, a few years back the late great Nora Ephron participated in a pastrami taste-off comparing the two delis. She found Langer’s was the better sandwich.

I’d have to agree with Nora Ephron that Langer’s is for all intents and purposes the gold standard of sandwiches.

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