Rollin With My Homie

“If there are no dogs in heaven, well then
I want to go where they went.”
Will Rogers

Pug Patty  Three Pugs Makes a Pool

Redondo beach has a population of approximately 66.7K people. That population consists of people from a wide diversity of social classes. From young to old, from the very rich to the very destitute. Within this diversity there’s one common bond that ties all of us Redondoites together. That common bond is our love of canines.

When you walk or ride along the Esplanade, you’ll encounter all kinds of dogs and dog owners. From the pampered pooch to the homely hound. All the dog owners appear to be happy and their happiness is reflected in their dogs.

This weekend I saw a man riding his bike pulling a toddler trailer. I’ve seen this guy cruising the Esplanade before, but I hadn’t paid much notice to what he was trailering. As I approached the man from behind, I noticed there were not toddlers in the trailer but three pug dogs. Just had to share this particular pooch sighting with my fellow bloggers. 

This man and his three pugs in tow give the true meaning of rollin with my homie.

Shine On