Be Yourself

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

Be Yourself

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde, October 16, 1854 to November 30, 1900

From a very young age, we are told to just, be yourself. Great advise at any age. But, some of us don’t know who we are or what truly drives us and our passions. So how can we “be ourselves” if we are not sure who we are?

Throughout our life, we will have beliefs, experiences, hobbies, interests, and skills that form our lives. When we are young, we may not realize that all of these things make us who we are. For some it may take half of their life to discover who they are and how to be yourself.

It’s difficult to work, pay bills and find time for our passions. But then again, what are we living for if not to follow our dreams and what we truly love and believe?

I saw a video the other day that got my attention titled, Be Yourself. It’s a ten minute award-winning documentary about being yourself. I was blown away by the young pianist in the film, Ash Williams who said, “In my dream I love to play the piano and I hope that everybody else has a great dream about something that they love to do.”

Words of wisdom from an eight year old boy, who is following his dream and has already learned to just be yourself.

Shine On

Shut Up and Dance

“The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music,
and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable.
Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.”
Charles Baudelaire

I’m sure most of you have seen this on YouTube.
But, if you missed it, I thought I’d share this
well-edited dance video. It’s a compilation of
some great movie dance scenes to the ever
popular song, Shut Up and Dance.

Shine On

Little League Scores a Big Hit

“I never thought at the age of 13 I’d be a role model.
I always wanted to be a role model, but
being a baseball role model is really cool.”
Mo’ne Davis

Little League Big Hit

Pearland, Texas celebrates their 9-7 victory over Bonita, California at the LLWS in South Williamsport, PA

It’s not often that I watch team sports on television. That changed last year when I watched the Little League Baseball Championship.

There was one player last year that brought this 68-year-old league to everyone’s attention. Mo’ne Davis became an overnight sensation with her skills on the pitching mound. She is one of only two girls who played in the 2014 Little League World Series and is the first girl to earn a win and to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history.

Davis may have done more for Little League Baseball than any one player in the history of Little League. But, all of these young people should be recognized for their sportsmanship and talent. To watch some of these pre-teens throw, hit and catch is more entertaining than any major league baseball game I’ve ever watched or attended.

I’ll continue to watch and look forward to August each year when they play for the championship. These talented young players are far from little. With all their talent, dedication and big hearts they have won my heart.  It’s nice to see something as old-fashioned as little league score a big hit.

Shine On