Giving Back

“Goodness is about character –
integrity, honesty, kindness,
generosity, moral courage, and the like.
More than anything else,
it is about how we treat other people.”
Dennis Prager

Giving Back

Lucas Hobbs Giving Back.

How would you react if someone gave you one wish for anything you wanted? What would you wish for?

Well, there’s a young 12-year-old cancer survivor from Minnesota who was granted such a wish. The interesting thing is, he didn’t use the wish on himself.

When the Make a Wish Foundation contacted Lucas Hobbs to grant him a wish, Lucas decided to thank all the people who helped him during his battle with cancer. With the help of Make A Wish, he commandeered a fleet of food trucks to feed as many doctors, nurses, patients and staff as he could to thank the hospital he credits with saving his life.

Lucas has always aspired to become a chef and he is known for being a foodie. With his love of food he cooked up all his favorite dishes and even named some of his favorite dishes he was serving, like The Perkins Dog, after his oncologist, Dr. Joanna Perkins.

It appears Lucas found the perfect recipe for a smile. He also found a great way of saying thank you while giving back.

Shine On

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