A Perfect Day in Davis

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

DSC01665What a perfect day. Since the Hallmark Inn has bicycles for their guests to use, we decided to bicycle around town.

The first stop this morning was the farmers market. This market has got to be one of the nicest outdoor markets I’ve ever visited. The produce, nuts, breads, jams and especially the fresh apple ciders were delicious.

The people of Davis are friendly and laid-back. Everyone looks healthy and happy as they walked and biked throughout town. Lots of people with their dogs and young couples with their new baby’s strolling around. I just had to snap a picture of this border collie waiting patiently for his owners, a young couple with their new-born baby.

Here’s some shots of the beautiful produce at the market:

DSC01670  DSC01674DSC01672  DSC01671

DSC01686After we bought up some goodies from the farmers market, we walked across the street to Crepeville on 3rd Street. We split a strawberry crepe and a side of potatoes, which was delicious.

DSC01684Our next stop was a short bike ride up 3rd Street to the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame. As a bicycle enthusiasts, I was in heaven walking through this famous bicycle museum. I could have spent all day just talking with David, the Program Director and looking at all the antique bicycles.

The majority of the bicycles on display are from the Pierce Miller collection which is owned by the University of California Davis. Pierce Miller was a successful rancher near Modesto with an avid interest in transportation history. He amassed over one hundred horse-drawn vehicles of every description, some antique automobiles, and a large collection of bicycles. The University acquired the bicycle collection in 2000 when it became available for sale by the Miller estate.

The Miller collection encompasses almost 100 years of bicycle evolution between the 1820s and the early years of the Twentieth Century. During this time, bicycles evolved from pedal-less “swift-walkers” to machines that would scarcely turn a head on today’s roads and paths.

If you are interested in antique bicycles, I highly recommend visiting this museum. Here are just a few photos of some of the bikes that caught my eye:

DSC01709  DSC01710  DSC01721  DSC01728  DSC01746  DSC01737

After visiting the Bicycle Hall of Fame, we were motivated to jump on our bikes and continue our tour around town. We decided to end our ride at the Vampire Penguin for some shaved ice cream. We split a small strawberry cheesecake shaved ice and I was glad we did. It was huge and I can’t even imagine ordering the large.

  DSC01792  DSC01793

Perfect weather, perfect bike ride and perfect company made today a memorable and a perfect day in Davis.

Shine On

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