A Horse of a Lifetime

“Such an amazing horse.”
American Pharoah’s jockey
Victor Espinoza

Yesterday I watched the Breeders’ Cup Classic, the final big race of the year. When American Pharoah broke from the starting gate, his ears were forward through most of the race. If you’ve ever watched horse racing, normally horses ears are flat back, listening and concentrating on the job they need to get done.

Maybe American Pharoah’s ears were forward because of his ear plugs they use on him to drown out all the noise from the crowd. I like to believe he was running his heart out to the end of that finish line, lookin’ to make history in horse racing.

I watched the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes this year. I watched in awe as American Pharaoh won all these famous races with ease. With this Breeders’ Cup Classic victory, American Pharoah ended his racing life as the winner of 9 of 11 career starts and is the first horse to sweep the “Grand Slam” of racing. American Pharoah, galloping into history as a horse of a lifetime.

Shine On

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