Selfless Selfie

“It’s a great event to get outside and enjoy nature.
I find it very exciting no matter how many times
I see bald eagles.”
Karen Armstrong

Eagle Saved Selfie

While hiking in Windy Lake Ontario, Canada the other day, two young brothers Michael and Neil Fletcher found a bald eagle stuck in a trap.

When they approached the bird, he was stressed and tried to fly away. To calm the giant bird, the brothers wrapped a jacket around the eagle to calm it down, and then managed to free its talon. But, before leaving the eagle to fly away, the Fletchers decided to take a quick photo with the rare animal.

Thanks Fletcher Brothers for not only saving a majestic Bald Eagle from sure death, but for also taking a rare selfless selfie.

Shine On

5 thoughts on “Selfless Selfie

  1. After saving this magnificent animal so bravely (because they are birds not to be messed with!) they deserved this wonderful selfie!!! And with your gravatar in mind, I see why you are of the same opinion ;0) have a great weekend, Johanna

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