From the Heart

“The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched
– they must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller

From the Heart

Daisy 1985 to 2005

There’ve been dozens of dogs that I have known throughout my life. All of these dogs were not merely pets, but all were considered family members. All these dogs had unique personalities as unique as their breeds. But, there was one dog of mine that stood out from all the rest. She was a Golden Retriever from the pound and her name was Daisy.

Daisy arrived unexpectedly one day. A friend had obtained Daisy from the pound and because of this friends recent hip surgery she was finding it difficult to care for Daisy.

I was hesitant to adopt a dog. Mostly because I worked at a demanding full-time job, had a young son, and my boyfriend and husband to be was recovering from a massive heart attack. Also, Daisy had a bad reputation for getting into the trash, digging her way out of yards and running away, and was extremely unruly. But, there was something I saw in this dog’s eyes. Something that showed me we were kindred spirits.

One of Daisy’s worst habits was jumping on anyone that entered our home. To my surprise, Daisy was a quick learn. After her first week with us, she stopped getting into the trash, never jumped on anyone ever again, and never ever dug one hole in the yard. In fact, you could leave every door open in the house and she wouldn’t step one paw over the threshold.

I had lots of experience over the year’s training difficult dogs, but Daisy wasn’t difficult by any means. On the contrary, she was the smartest dog I had ever encountered. She was so well-mannered, that one night my husband left a half-eaten roast beef sandwich on the coffee table and Daisy didn’t eat or even lay a paw on the sandwich.

Why was Daisy such a good dog?  It was simple. She had the best food, the best care, was taken for daily walks, and she was loved and groomed like a princess. She was always made to feel secure. Basically, Daisy knew how much we loved her.  A love that we both felt, from the heart.

Shine On

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