Mean Green Juicing Machine

“Our task must be to free ourselves…
by widening our circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures and the
whole of nature and its beauty.”
Albert Einstein

Mean Green

I’ve been juicing the last few days. I love how great I feel when I juice my fruits and vegetable. You get mega doses of vitamins when you juice, so that’s why I have more energy.

Here’s my daily morning juice drink I make to kick-start my day:

My Mean Green Juicing Machine

1 Cucumber
2 Green Apples
2 Cups Chopped Kale
1 Stalk Celery
1 Lemon

Wash all produce well
Juice and pour over ice

You can add fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, lemon pepper seasoning to taste, and a sprig of fennel greens. But I prefer to juice just the ingredients listed for my mean green juicing machine.

Bon Appetit

Shine On

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