Meeting of Minds

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

Meeting of the Minds

All of us enjoy communicating with one another, or blogging would not exist along with all other forms of communication.

What exactly does it take for clear communication? To me it’s the process through which the mental state of one individual affects the mental state of another. When two individuals find themselves in compatible states of mind and no further processing is required.

Communication can be achieved verbally and nonverbally. For example, bargainers shake hands after reaching agreement on the terms of a contract. Speakers reach a point at which both believe they have understood what they are talking about. Art such as paintings, antique vases and sculptures all can communicate a story. All of these verbal and nonverbal ways of communicating can be interpreted differently.

If communication is done well there is no discrepancy in the meaning one is communicating. The relation between the mind, the words and the world, become one. It’s a great feeling when you have that clear connection.  A pure ‘meeting of minds’.

Shine On

10 thoughts on “Meeting of Minds

  1. Colin and Ray, you are absolutely correct about body language. Don’t know how I missed adding this powerful language of our bodies to the mix. As an equestrian, body language and feel is all very important when training, communicating and riding horses. Thanks for your inputs.

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