Wake-Up Call for Mankind

“Sometimes it takes a wake-up call, doesn’t it,
to alert us to the fact that we’re
hurrying through our lives
instead of actually living them;
that we’re living the fast life
instead of the good life.
And I think, for many people,
that wake-up call takes the form of an illness.”.
Carl Honore

Wake-Up Call

I hope we will all learn a great deal from this crisis. Important issues like how war is not the answer. How climate change is real. How money can’t buy you time or health. I hope we will learn simple things like, we need to eat healthy, be more kinder, more considerate, more patient and most of all we are in this together.

I can’t help but believe that this World Wide crisis is nothing more then a wake-up call for mankind.

Shine On

5 thoughts on “Wake-Up Call for Mankind

  1. Some people knew it long ago and today we have the proof. Yes, this crisis will teach us to remember the real values and it proves that health cannot be bought with money… you are right on target!

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        • It’s a sad situation, I’ve noticed that unless we are personally affected by something, we don’t change our behaviors or we don’t jump into action to help others. This is a fact that sadly we are experiencing today. For example, celebrities such as Michael J. Fox began his tremendously important work to combat Parkinson’s Disease when he was diagnosed with the disease.

          If you look back in World history, play writers such as Shakespeare, inventors and artist such as Da Vinci all inspired by plagues and disasters that affected them directly.

          Stay safe and healthy my lovely lady.

          Shine On

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          • I agree, when we are challenged we are called to turn our heads. Nothing happens without a reason. And I believe that such things only happen to show us what we might have overlooked while there was no necessity to recognize. That is what makes us progress… hopefully for longer and not only for a few weeks or months.
            Thank you and you too, dear 😊

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