Reboot Button

“I realized for the first time in my life:
there is nothing but mystery in the world,
how it hides behind the fabric of our poor,
browbeat days shining brightly,
and we don’t know it.”
Sue Monk Kidd

We’ve all overcome so much, and instead of dwelling on 2020, let’s reflect on what we can carry forward into 2021. I believe that reflecting on the past helps us to reshape our future.

The top ten takeaways froM 2020

10.      We are not in control of our lives. If you’re a control freak, this was a challenging past year. We’ve learned to become more malleable about life.

  9.      Experiences in our lives were redesigned. We became creative using Zoom and other means to stay connected. This allowed us more time to reflect on ourselves and our lives and what we want and need to accomplish.

  8.      Friendships and relationships. We became more aware of the strong and weak relationships in our lives.  The deeper and more intimate long-term relationships grew stronger and richer.

  7.      Family dynamics. Home schooling and working from home changed how we interacted. Some couples who had been separated by work because one of them traveled or worked long hours were thrust into discussing their problems in their relationships. This forced people to work-out their problems or come to the realization that their relationships were over.

6.        Our pets were the ultimate winners in 2020. We interacted more with them, petted them more and loved on them more.  In a sense, they became our “emotional support” animals.

 5.       Self-care became a priority. So many never had time or just kept putting off time for themselves. We came to the realization, if we are always running on empty and don’t take time and care for ourselves, it can affect us not only emotionally but physically. Getting in touch with our needs. Going for a short walk. Taking a relaxing bath. Shutting off the news for a few days. These small things can make a big difference in our quality of life.

 4.       The law of attraction. I’m not referring to sexual attraction. This law of attraction has to do with your attitude and outlook. If you’re negative, complaining and angry, chances are that’s what you’re going to receive from others. If you want kindness, love and good things in your life, you have to put out that energy.

 3.       Gratitude for what’s good. There are many little things in life to be grateful about. Be thankful you are not sitting in hours of traffic every day, now that you are working from home. Taking the time each day to thank people in your family, tribe or community. Nothing puts a smile on someone’s face as a simple thank you.

 2.       Offering grace to others. Millions of people went without this past year, died alone, suffered, lost loved ones. Listening and not talking when someone is sharing their hardships. Tom Hanks has a great acronym I try to live by: “WAIT” which stands for, why am I talking?

 1.       Never stop learning. We had more time in 2020 to read, learn a new skill, watch new content and even learn how to cook. We grew emotionally, intellectually and physically.

As we reset to live joyful, purposeful and intent-driven lives, let’s learn from our past and just hit that reboot button.

 Shine On