Lying King

“It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom.”
Albert Einstein

Lying King


How apropos that Saturday evening, I happen to watch a Star Trek episode aired on January 10, 1969, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”. It has a culturally relevant plot, reflecting the conflicts of its era, touching upon social issues such as racism, the Vietnam War and the threat of nuclear annihilation. Some things never change in this country.

We are living in unprecedented times in the history of America. Not only because of the pandemic but because of our current President. We have a President that is morally bankrupt, blatantly lies, prejudice, hateful and is self-serving as well as unapathetic. We already knew these personally traits of Trump before he was elected.

Our founding fathers laid down the beginning rules and shapes of the American government. They started it all. They were intelligent men who used what they had to create a nation that has become big and powerful and influential in the world until now.

The United States may have been founded on the idea that all men are created equal, but during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, slaveholding was common among the statesmen who served as president. At least 12 chief executives, over a quarter of all our presidents, were slave owners during their lifetimes. Of these, eight held enslaved people while in office.

At this particular moment, the most-watched show in America is a seven-part documentary series on Netflix, Tiger King. This says a great deal about the people of this country.

I’m proud to say I have not watched Tiger King. What I’ve heard about this show is, there’s something undeniably Trumpian about Joe Exotic, a televised carnival sideshow. It’s said that there are similarities between Trump and Exotic, including the fact that both appear to be crazy, make everything about themselves, and they see conspiracy theories everywhere. Joe Exotic loves portraying himself as an expert in his field, when the truth is, he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s just winging it. Which, uh, again, should feel very familiar.

As I watched the riots, looting and violence unfold on every news channel this weekend, I couldn’t help but think how sad that our society is mirroring Trump and how backward this country is going. Lack of respect for people and lack of empathy is destroying this country. This nation began with hate, prejudice and lack of empathy towards its Native people when Columbus arrived here in August of 1492. Most likely, our country will end without any end to rampant racism.

When it comes to racism, we have made little progress in the last 528 years. While we did abolish slavery and gave rights to women, we have done little to abolish racism. We did elect a black president for not only one but two terms. However, during Obama’s presidency, hatred and lies were spread by Trump and his minions about Obama and his questionable US citizenship. Trump recently spread lies about Obama and his responsibility for our current pandemic. Trump and his allies have added a new dimension to his deceptions, the conspiracy theory known as, Obamagate.

What new deceits and lies will we hear in the coming weeks after the George Floyd riots from this lying king?

Shine On

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