Little Shop of Horrors

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”
Claude Monet


Spring Has Sprung
I love flowers. All kinds of flowers. My favorites are the daffodil, peony, tulip, carnation, daisy, and of course the rose.

Last year for Mother’s Day, my son gifted me an orchid plant.

Not having any knowledge of orchids, I did some research, so that this beautiful flower would keep its bloom as long as possible. On the web site “Caring for your orchid dot com”, they suggested not to over water the plant, and to find a perfect spot where the plant would thrive.

I must be doing something right, because to my surprise, the blooms on the orchid lasted for several months. After the pedals all fell off, it lay dormant for about seven months. I continued to keep it watered while new leaf growth appeared. Suddenly two weeks ago I noticed a new bud on the orchid. The other morning when I got up, I was excited to see that a beautiful flower had unfolded over night.

The detail on this flowering orchid was so unusual that I took some photos. There’s a feature on the flower I never noticed before. It looks as though it has two bottom teeth. I’m assuming this is a common feature. If not, I might have to name the plant, Audrey III, from Little Shop of Horrors.

Shine On

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