My Angel Heart

“This is the light of autumn;
it has turned on us.
Surely it is a privilege to
approach the end
still believing in something.”
Louise Gluck


Last  week I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Erika Kind at Share Your Light who posted a beautiful poem she wrote. The photo she used accompanying her poem, Love is Free, looked uncannily familiar.

That being said, my above photo was taken two years ago, a few days before my husband died. Little did I know it would be the last photo I shared with him. 

Often when I take photos, I never see what the images look like until I upload them to my laptop.  So, when I took this image, I didn’t notice how the clouds looked like there was a heart in the center surrounded by what appears to be angel wings. Stunned by the image, I immediately shared it with him and he told me how beautiful it was.

He always enjoyed all my photos and I will be forever appreciative of his love and support of my photography.

Autumn is a season for balancing light and dark. It is the season of letting go, and accepting the impermanence of things.  Autumn is also the right time to practice getting out of the way and letting the soul take charge of our lives. 

As we head into winter, the old year is dying. This is the time we think about death in our own lives. Remember and honor those you love who’ve passed on before you.

Contemplate what needs to “die” within you in order to welcome the new life that will grow into next year.

This blog post and photo is dedicated to him and to all the love, laughter  and lifetime memories we shared. He was my angel heart.

Shine On