Dog Athletes in Motion


“There is no such thing as a difficult dog,
only an inexperienced owner.”
Barbara Woodhouse

Dog Athletes in Motion


Every year I look forward to watching the prime televised dog shows. I’m always amazed how the judges select “Best of Show” from such beautiful and diverse breeds. But, there is one event at the recent Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which doesn’t require a judge. The best in the agility category.

There are different breeds and sizes that compete in dog agility. But, whatever size or breed you prefer, there is no denying that these agility dogs have a whole lot of heart.

P!nk, who is pictured above and yes, named after the singer, became the sixth border collie in seven years to win the 2020 Westminster Masters Agility Championship. The dog and her owner, Jennifer Crank, won the 16-inch class for the third consecutive year.

If you love dogs and have never watched a dog agility competition, you’ve missed the experience of witnessing dog athletes in motion.

Shine On

Viewing Habits

“I have a problem with the strip
that runs along the bottom of the news programs.
Don’t these idiots who run the news programs know
we don’t want to read.
That’s why we’re watching TV.”
Jerry Seinfeld


Viewing Habits

Standing behind the Ampex Mark IV Video Tape Recorder. From left to right: Charlie Anderson, Ray Dolby, Alex Maxey, Shelby Henderson, Charles Ginsburg, and Fred Pfost.

We have become so spoiled with our current technology. We can stream television and movies virtually any time and on a multitude of devices. When television first began, most shows were broadcast live because of the limitations of the technology. There were no home DVR‘s. There were no video tapes that broadcasters used. And no sports slow-motion instant replays. All our television shows, including the news was broadcast live.

Thanks to some very innovative men, we now have the luxury of taping shows and watching them when we want to watch them with or without commercials.

In the early 1950s, engineer Charles Ginsburg and his team at Ampex Corporation, Charles Andersen, Ray Dolby, Shelby Henderson, Fred Pfost, and Alex Maxey developed the world’s first practical video tape recorder known as the Video Television Recorder aka VTR. These video tape recorders would allow television stations to record shows and replay them when they wanted to.

After several years of testing and development, on November 30, 1956 The Ampex Mark IV Video Tape Recorder went on the air, for the first time, from CBS Television City, in Hollywood, California, broadcasting a West Coast delayed broadcast of DOUGLAS EDWARDS AND THE NEWS. This, as far as it is known, was the first time in history that any video tape had been broadcast anywhere. NBC followed suit at the beginning of 1957, and ABC began delayed broadcasts from video tape for the West Coast in early April of 1957.

This VTR invention revolutionized television broadcasting forever. Thanks to Ginsberg and his team, we now have entire control over what and when we watch our favorite shows. Which today, has dramatically changed all of our television viewing habits.

Shine On

The Four A’s


“Everyone you meet
comes with baggage.
Find someone who
loves you enough
to help you unpack.”

Four As.jpg


Dr. Deepak Chopra is an author and alternative-medicine advocate. TIME magazine describes Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century. He’s a prominent figure in the New Age movement, and his books and videos have made him one of the best-known in alternative medicine.

In one of his recent weekly Podcast’s he spoke about the four keys to a successful relationship, which he called the four words that begin with A. 

Acceptance, don’t try to change them, or try to prove them wrong
Appreciation, notice their strengths
Affection, let them know that you care
Attention, be a good listener

Sometimes, we find ourselves focusing on peoples faults and we see them and say to ourselves, “oh no there they go again”, when they do something that angers us or annoys us. We get frustrated and annoyed at them or even very angry at them. When this happens, whether it’s a personal or professional relationship the first thing we need to do is remember:

What is our shared vision with this person? What is the emotional bond with them? Most importantly, what are their strengths? How do these strengths complement yours. We all have unique strengths.

We also may have times in our life where we fall out of rhythm or we see the persons differently and not how they were when you first started in the relationship. This is the time in the relationship when you press the pause button in your internal mind, and you say to yourself, what am I observing? Ask yourself, what am I feeling? What is missing here? How do we fulfill this missing need? You can also ask the other person the same questions. Most importantly you ask them what are you needing from me and how can I help you? It’s important to be open and honest without being critical and accusing.

We need to periodically check-in with our partner which often is scary.  We need to be honest and often we might not get an answer we want to hear. If that happens, say to them, at least I offered you help and I’m here for you.

We take on the energy that is around us. These energies, fears, anger, happiness, sadness, no matter what these energies may be are contagious. If you find yourself absorbing peoples emotions and their negative energy which can affect your energy and positive outlook, we must decide that you are going to be independent of anger, criticism, and flattery. This way we get in touch with our true self. Don’t tell them their negative energy is affecting you, because it will only make matters worse. The best thing to do is, ask yourself, what is the most creative way to nurture this relationship?

That’s it. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy to apply these techniques when we’re in a challenging relationship. It needs a little practice in our daily lives. How about beginning with each day using just one of the four A’s.

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